cannon_will (cannon_will) wrote in roadsidetech,

just why are the flags not at half mast?!?!

i am sorry to report that the last of the xanadus has gone to the big styrofoam future in the sky.

as far as my research can tell the only large scale polystyrene dome home left is in new mexico and inhabited by a group of con artists that are presently reinventing themselves as a cult....

which seem like a lot less fun than the squalid glory of florida's xanadu where the doors where always open, and new friends were always stopping by. in the week i lived there i played got to play host/ informal tour guide/ phantom of the xanadu to several groups of folk.

the good news is two folk i talked to expressed an interest in letting me throw together a xanadu on their property, should i ever get the equipment together.

this is a sad day.

i'll be posting a full walk through here shortly so you can see what the world has been deprived of.
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